I once saw a high school teacher lead a simple, powerful exercise to teach his class about privilege and social mobility. He started by giving each student a scrap piece of paper and asked them to crumple it up.

Then he moved the recycling bin to the front of the room.

He said, “The game is simple — you all represent the country’s population. And everyone in the country has a chance to become wealthy and move into the upper class.” Continue reading “Jump!”


Journey to the world. Journey within.

I believe the best way to get to know a country and its culture is by spending some time living there. I have been blessed to have lived and worked in five countries on two continents. My first such experience was in 2009 on a Work & Travel program in the United States. After working for three months, I have spent all of my hard-earned dollars to travel throughout the States for more than a month.

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