My third grade classmate, Marko M. gave me the nickname “goat”, mostly because of my stubbornness and a strong urge to make a point and do my own thing. I have worked on the attitude over the years, yet the strong-minded goat remained, constantly stretching for those tender leaves just out of reach or sticking her head through the fence straining to reach the grass that seems to always be greener on the other side. Even though I hated the nickname that stuck with me throughout primary school, I found myself loving the goat over the years. It was the most persistent, quick-witted creature that would work tirelessly to spring herself from any situation she deems inhibiting.

Following the road of her own choosing took me to more than 30 countries, five of which I called home for some time. The playful character of the goat took me to the most spectacular carnivals and events, the more tenacious one took me to the highest peaks that just some time before seemed out of reach, while the capricious one led to deciding to go some places more or less on a whim.

I hope that you will enjoy the wanderlust of the goat at least as much as I have.


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