Journey to the world. Journey within.

I believe the best way to get to know a country and its culture is by spending some time living there. I have been blessed to have lived and worked in five countries on two continents. My first such experience was in 2009 on a Work & Travel program in the United States. After working for three months, I have spent all of my hard-earned dollars to travel throughout the States for more than a month.

It was clear that my itchy feet won’t stop there! Up until now, I have called home some of the most beautiful and lively cities in Europe, such as Budapest, Hungary; Belgrade, Serbia; Bonn, Germany; Zurich, Switzerland and Frankfurt, Germany.

One of many positive traits of living abroad is the opportunity to experience much more than what a regular old-school tourist would. I have traveled to many lovely destinations that were not so touristy, and therefore kept the essence of the locals and their unique culture.

Throughout my journey, I have met many like-minded people, expats who share my wanderlust and are equally eager to soak up the city’s vibe and its ways. With many of them I have grown into friends for life. Yet most importantly, each of these cities has changed me in most unexpected ways, as I have blossomed into an open-minded, curious go-getter, who is always eager for new destinations and experiences.

These are the countries that I have visited so far. Looking forward to many more to come.


  1. Albania Albania
  2. Austria Austria
  3. Belgium Belgium
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Bulgaria Bulgaria
  6. Czech Republic Czech Republic
  7. France France
  8. Germany Germany
  9. Gibraltar Gibraltar
  10. Greece Greece
  11. Hungary Hungary
  12. Italy Italy
  13. Luxembourg Luxembourg
  14. Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  15. Malta Malta
  16. Monaco Monaco
  17. Montenegro Montenegro
  18. Netherlands Netherlands
  19. Portugal Portugal
  20. Romania Romania
  21. Russia Russia
  22. San Marino San Marino
  23. Serbia Serbia
  24. Slovakia Slovakia
  25. Slovenia Slovenia
  26. Spain Spain
  27. Sweden Sweden
  28. Switzerland Switzerland
  29. Ukraine Ukraine
  30. Holy See (Vatican City) Vatican City
  31. United Kingdom UK

North America

  1. United States United States

South America

  1. Brazil Brazil


  1. Morocco Morocco

Middle East

  1. Georgia Georgia
  2. Iran Iran
  3. Turkey Turkey

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